How It Works

Recruitment Jet specialises in permanent commercial placements in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Finding The Right Job

We love to meet our clients to really learn and understand their business, especially their specific needs/criteria. Our clients’ business is our business! When knowing as much information as possible we can represent our clients to our candidates by painting a picture outside the role itself.

Find Your Match

Agencies are “filling for a fee” or “spaghetti throwing” CV’s. Not here at Recruitment Jet. We aim to help. We help our clients and we help our candidates by offering a service which is in the best interest for both parties. Our “search and selection” process is tailored, bespoke and personalised to each client – offering a service which is based on quality not quantity.

The Right Candidate

Recruitment Jet operates differently to most other agencies in the market. For one, we do not send out speculative CV’s.
This would mean we are assuming what our potential clients are looking for in their business – and we all know how that saying goes! Secondly, recruitment (overall) is seen as “ruthless sales”.